Thought for the Day – A Protest of Flowers in Belarus

This Thought For The day was about a particular moment in time and the hope it could bring. It was not looking at how the unmasking of policemen could then unfold in both positive and negative ways. Of course the difficulty of working for human rights is complex and in the long term it is always wise to remember that there can be victims on both sides. Many of the police or. soldiers may have had traumatic lives which lead them to their job or find themselves in traumatic situation now with a spotlight on them and their families if they were to refuse to do their job. History shows that healing is not easy but if possible of course, healing comes from moving away from the conflict into a renewal of life together. A symbolic gesture of hope or with love in its foundations can move many people towards peace and this one, as I saw it was very moving in that possibility.

Vladimir Scherban, co-founder of The Belarusian Free Theatre lives in London and has started a new company. This is their website:

Further information about Belarusians using the arts at this time is below.

Actors, businessmen etc reading excerpts from the constitution, the criminal code and the electoral law.