Group and 1-1 Events

For all faiths or none

Marie-Elsa leads group courses on a variety of spiritual subjects. These courses can be as short as a single afternoon, a series of sessions, or week-long retreats, and can be virtual or in-person.


Various dates available


Moses Cordovero

A six week course starting 6 June about Moses ben Jacob Cordovero.

Introduction to Kaballah I

A 4 week course introducing the structure and dynamics of Jacobs Ladder.

The Eucharist I

4 week course exploring the theology and ritual of the Eucharist.

Sacred Anatomy I

4 week course exploring the self, soul, collective and Spirit. 


Marie-Elsa works as a Spiritual Director with people from all faiths and none. She has been an Ignatian (Jesuit) director working 1-1 and with groups in many forms including silent retreats for over 20 years and a priest for 15 years. She values interfaith exchanges...

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This is a short course in creative writing for those who would like to explore imagination, active imagination and the stream of conscious in writing. Together, we will look at different types of creativity, try ways we may have not yet explored and possibly begin to...

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