Sleeping Letters

Sleeping Letters Review TLS October 2020

Marie-Elsa Roche Bragg is an ordained Anglican priest and this profoundly moving memoir, in poetry and prose, was written during two silent retreats in an unspecified mountain region. Beautifully rendered childhood memories feature in a series of letters to her father and late mother, who took her own life when the author was six years old.

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Sleeping Letters Review Church Times July 2020

Malcolm Doney reviews a 'love letter' that defies literary classification . . SLEEPING LETTERS defies conventional literary classification. It is -- at one and the same time -- prayer, contemplation, poetry, confession, and memoir. . Marie-Elsa Bragg recalls the death...

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Sleeping Letters review Telegraph

Sleeping Letters was reviewed in the Telegraph . . 'The structure is so unusual ( the only thing I have ever read that is anything close is Max Porter's Grief...

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