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Fiction, poetry & more

Marie-Elsa works with people through zoom, Skype and in person. She works with fiction, poetry, play writing, script writing and artists such as ceramicists and painters who would like to explore words with their craft.

Contact me for information about bespoke and 1-1 sessions or view workshops for more information on larger groups.

Political Intelligence and constellations

September 16 Political intelligence and constellations. The honourable path of political development. . In this workshop we will look at a map of political development and constellate our place on the path of developing political intelligence. We will also look at how...

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Constellations and the soul

September 02 Constellations of the soul. An exploration of our inner design. . In this workshop we will constellate the structure of body and soul within us all and look at how we inhabit that dynamic as individuals. . Places will be lmited to twelve. . 6 Queen...

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Demeter and Persephone (women only) 27 May 2015

This is an invitation only workshop on the myth of Demeter and Persephone to explore the journey of the heroine. Places will be lmited to twelve. . 27th May 6 Queen Square, London WC1N 3AT 1700-2200 . To book, please email

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Poetry and prayer

An afternoon workshop to explore poetry and prayer. . The principle of 'spiritual direction'be looked into.

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Theology of the Eucharist

A series of lectures or workshops exploring different theologies of the Eucharist. When we look at the works of early theologians such as Tertullian, Oregon and Irenaeus or theologians who wrote at the time of the reformation such as Luther Calvin and Zwingli or...

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Our time: 4:32am UTC