Marie-Elsa gives lectures, talks and runs workshops on spiritual development, creativity and devotional creative writing. .

2018 Marie-Elsa will be giving a series of talks and workshops with poet Don Patterson on:

The line between poetry and prose
Poetry and the sacred

In past years Marie-Elsa has given lectures and workshops on:

Women and Leadership
Interfaith relations
The myth of demeter and persephone.
The Tempest – A play within a play – An exploration of mysticism.
The Elizabethan garden and the soul. An exploration of boundaries and depth.
Constellation therapy and creativity. An exploration of our creative projects
Plato – Times and the cave. An exploration of spirituality.
Tradition, ritual and freedom. How to re-connect to our traditions and bring it to life.
Silence and Spiritual Direction. A time of contemplation and guidance.
Ritual and poetry. An exploration of the shape and rhythm of poetry
Theology of the Eucharist
Ritual and prayer
Nature and spirituality
Poetry and prayer
Ignatian spirituality
creative writing mentorship. Marie-Elsa works 1-1 and in small groups.
If you are interested in lectures, workshops, coaching, creative writing mentorship or spiritual direction, please email.

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