Marie-Elsa Bragg

Ritual and Prayer - Four one day workshops.

It is said that rituals are made by God’s humanity. That with the right intention, the movements we make or the things we do draw us further into relationship with God, reflecting the beauty and humanity of creation back to the creator. Reminding us that we are essentially holy. Taking the Eucharist is a prime example where we kneel at the altar affirmed as people created by God, made in the body of Christ and yet we also receive the body of Christ as an external gift taken into our own body. In that moment we experience Christ and creation in full relationship. The human and the divine together.

In spiritual life, rituals are used in so many ways, from washing our hands to prepare for prayer, kneeling or putting our hands together when praying, rocking forward and back in rhythm to a particular prayer, to washing someone’s feet, wrapping linen around our heart, bringing a tree into out home, circling incense around an altar, opening our arms to the heavens, kissing the cross, ringing bells, binding our hands to another’s with a stole, lighting candles and many more, some alongside particular festivals and others in daily prayer.
This course will explore how ritual supports and deepens our lives.

Personal ritual.
How generations of monastic orders and spiritual traditions have ordered a daily prayer life.
Stepping in and stepping out of ritual.
Ritual and prayer.
A daily routine will be found for each participant.

Group ritual
Respecting the individual’s space within a group ritual.
Respecting the group space within a ritual.
When more than two are gathered together.
Opening a door for Grace.

Creating a sacred space for ritual.
Building a ritual.
Looking at the stages within a ritual.
Story and ritual.

Traditional rituals.
Renewing and new rituals.
The gift and vow of ritual.